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Jefferson's" son's scraped knee. I didn't think I had any of that in me, but Not only that, but when the entire town becomes depressed because of Tweek and Craig's break-up, he tries to convince Cupid Me to make things better.

Major Boobage When all cats are deemed illegal in South Park, Cartman of all people is the one that steps up to protect them and hides them in his attic - with no ulterior motive at all.

After all that Heidi had been through at the hands of Cartman, it's very pleasant to see her get with someone who's bound to treat her like a princess, especially since one could get vibes of the more innocent relationship of Stan and Wendy in the older seasons from these two.

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She's so moved that she begins to cry, causing Cartman to cry more, and eventually even Butters begins to sob along with them. Moss Piglets When Heidi and Cartman start complaining about the Special Ed Science Fair, and the former stating that she isn't interested in their projects and that their experiments won't contribute to society, Stan and Kyle defend them by saying the special ed kids are their friends and that their experiments are actually pretty interesting.

Season 13 Dead Celebrities It's a little weird, but I thought it was sweet that Ike ran to Kyle for help when he was seeing ghosts.

Now, children, listen to me. He only refers to them as "bitches" because he's under the impression it's a technical term that good pimps use. When they arrived, the guard refused entry, and the boys started cryingand the guard felt so bad for them that he decides to grant them entry.

Hankey, the Christmas Poo" is the first episode in the whole series where Kenny does not die, and proud of it: When Chef finds out, he's amazed! Mr Slave showing an unexpected Papa Wolf side, horrified at finding out his class are taking on a whore lifestyle, he crashes Bebe's party and warns them vigorously against imitating anti-role models like Paris Hilton and himself at face value.

Splatty Tomato After everything that Kyle went through from "Doubling Down" till now its very nice to see that his friends are still by his side and are willing to find his missing brother.

The Musical Timmy's relationship with Gobblesa turkey with disabilities, in the Helen Keller school play show. This might be due to the fact that Mysterion treats Professor Chaos with respect.

In "Follow that Egg", after Kyle and Wendy are selected to be partners on a project, he thought they were getting together. Remember, update that profile, and steer clear of Kyle!

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It makes it less endearing considering that Cartman has also cried harder over other things: The Poor Kid Kenny as Mysterion consoling his sister upon being placed in foster care.

Weiners Out Sheila tries her best to be there for Gerald, and when he leads her to believe he's into piss porn she doesn't judge him for it and is even willing to try it to make him happy. The kid had a sad clown poster on his wall and spent all his time looking sadly at his friendless Facebook page, and was just so ridiculously happy that Kyle was his Facebook friend.

Sure, it's really tongue-in-cheeky, but damn it, it's still relatably sweet. Hilarious, but also heartwarming when you realize that he was willing to give up his life in order to protect the kids. Given how high-strung that characters are you'd expect a shootout to occur, but instead they realize how bad things are if they're trying to kill each other and talk through their issues.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Introduction.

Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only. Wait, this is a "Heartwarming Moments" page, right?What the heck is it doing in a show like South Park?Believe it or not, even a show like South Park, with its killing Kenny, F-bombs, and Black Comedy, has its emotionally redeeming moments as would be surprised about how much more there is to the show than blatantly offensive comedy.

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