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The top male and female students attend state universities and numerous private colleges. Secular Celebrations Jordanians follow the Islamic calendar. This Bethany should not be confused with Bethany in Jerusalem, where Mary Magdalene lived and Lazarus was raised from the dead.

Symbols of Social Stratification. Ammon provided several natural resources to the region, including sandstone and limestone, along with a productive agricultural sector that made Ammon a vital location along the King's Highwaythe ancient trade route connecting Egypt with MesopotamiaSyria and Anatolia.

Amman received many refugees during wartime events in nearby countries, beginning with the Arab—Israeli War.

Read more Zikra initiative Imagine you are coming to a country without knowing any of the cultural traditions and practices. These laws are enforced in religious courts called Sharia courts, which have jurisdiction over personal matters.

Best served with a twist of lemon and fried bread. Amman is the modern and ancient capital of Jordan, formerly the Ammonite capital city of Rabbath — Ammon, and later the Geraeco Roman city called Philadelphia.

AfterChristianity became a recognized religion, and a large number of churches were built. Folk art survives in tapestries, leather crafts, pottery, and ceramics.

Biblically, it was a place of refuge for King David. A second wave arrived after the Six-Day War in This is a ball of bulgar mixed with meat and stuffed with minced meat, pine nuts, onions and sumac. The devout unroll a small prayer rug and face Mecca to pray. Experienced travel agents are on hand in all the hotels to handle every conceivable travel need.

Privacy is very important, and many homes and other buildings open into private courtyards with concrete walls. Nabataea was finally absorbed into the Roman Empire by Trajan in ad as the province of Palaestina Tertia.

The main meal typically is served during the middle of the afternoon. Bywhen the excavations started, around meters 2, feet of road ran through the site. It contains the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, and the Great Rift Valley, which was created twenty million years ago when tectonic plates shifted, stretching from Lake Tiberius south through Jordan and into eastern Africa.

RACE is the biggest regular show of any kind in the Middle East and the only large scale Roman re- enactment performance in the world. It is then cooked with a yoghurt sauce called labaniyyeh. Outcrops of sandstone, chalk, limestone, and flint extend to the extreme south, where igneous rocks predominate.

An aromatic blend of coffee made with ground cardamom, it is rich and often made sweet. About 6km after the turnoff for Hammamat Ma'in is the impressive Al Megheirat dolmen field, with hundreds of dolmens prehistoric chamber tombs scattered across several hillsides.

People of Bedouin descent are considered to be of the purest Arab stock. At its height, around BC, it had an area of 15 hectares 37 acres and was inhabited by ca. Families often sit down to a big meal during the day, where all kinds of traditional dishes are shared.


Amman had already been functioning as an administrative centre. A bread like pastry moulded into circles and topped with minced meat, tomatoes, pine nuts, lemon, tahini, garlic, onions and drizzled with pomegranate molasses. The population is young, with a birthrate that is double the world average; 43 percent of the people are under age fifteen.

Archaeologists speculate that the structure was originally covered with a wooden roof to shield the audience from the weather. The Nymphaeum is situated southwest of the Odeon and served as Philadelphia's chief fountain. Popular culture takes the form of songs, ballads, and storytelling.

According to ancient tradition, this is the mountain from which Moses saw the Promised Land before he died. The Nabateans built the capital of their ancient Arab kingdom, Petra, in what is now Jordan between B.

At that time the site was a typical aceramic Neolithic village. Samolina pastry mixed with milk, shortening and butter, filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts. After losing Philadelphia, we no longer hear of the Tobiad family in written sources. The first wave of Iraqi and Kuwaiti refugees settled in the city after the Gulf Warwith a second wave occurring in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq.

Primary education is free and compulsory, starting at the age of six years until a child is sixteen years old. The Dead Sea is 67 kilometers 42 mi long and 18 kilometers 11 mi wide at its widest point. Amman was a principal destination for refugees for the security and prosperity it offered.Welcome to Jordan Perfect Tours and Travel!

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Book exciting holiday packages for family at affordable prices. Visit Jordan and enjoy best sightseeing tours and trips! The “City of Palms” spreads out on the west side of the Jordan River at feet below sea level.

The Old Testament site of Tell es-Sultan is in the distance and is the city Joshua destroyed. ADULTS ONLY! This website contains nudity, explicit sexual content and adult language.

It should be accessed only by people who are of legal age in the physical location from where you are accessing the site. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. The Nabateans built the capital of their ancient Arab kingdom, Petra, in what is now Jordan between B.C.E.

and C.E. From Mount Nebo in western Jordan, many people believe that Moses saw the Promised Land. Gate 1 Travel has provided quality, affordable escorted tours, river cruises and vacation packages for more than 35 years.

Egypt & Jordan: Timeless Treasures, Ancient Lands

We look forward to showing you More of the World for Less on your next vacation. Begin your stay in the capital of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, Amman; it’s safe, friendly and up to date.

No more than five hours’ drive from anywhere in the country, it .

Dating site amman jordan
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